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Innovative Biosensors (IBI), based in Rockville, Maryland, is a clinical stage diagnostics company that develops, manufactures, and markets rapid pathogen detection and diagnostic systems comprised of biosensors (a novel cellular based bioluminescent immunoassay) that generate results at previously unseen levels of speed, sensitivity and specificity.




The technology is built upon a foundation of a genetically engineered antibody-based biosensor that allows for detection within a matter of seconds after pathogen makes contact with the biosensor. learn more




The technology is currently being commercialized as BioFlash-Dx™ for the detection of human disease.The system enables rapid and affordable testing for a variety of markers associate with human diseases. learn more



12/5/11 Signal Transduction Collaboration Dr. Graham Jack and his colleagues at IBI offer collaborative support in signal transduction studies for a proposal... read more

11/30/10 — IBI licenses its BioFlash-E™ technology to PathSensors, Inc.